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I have specialized in Microsoft Access database solutions for businesses throughout the USA since 2003. 

Microsoft Access:   The continuously increasing power of PCs has made the Access database a powerful, affordable, multiuser solution.  It is used by organizations of all sizes. My clients typically seek a software solution where their users do not need to know Access and are not technical.  An Access application can be built with a friendly, non technical User Interface.


As a Subject Matter Expert I was selected by Microsoft Press to perform a technical review of their textbook: Access 2010 Inside Out. You will find my name on the Acknowledgements page.

To specialize in the implementation of the Microsoft Access database inherently also includes SQL and VBA skills. 

Today there are important technical differences between Windows applications, Web applications, and Mobile applications.  I have been in Information Technology my entire business career in both large and small companies.  I know the entire range of technology that is available in the industry.  While I specialize in the Access database, I will guide/advise new potential clients if their requirement is not suitable via an Access database and suggest other technology alternatives.


Customers  Potential clients should have a long term perspective and view the business relationship as teaming with an experienced USA based developer that will be reliably available when needed.  Telephone and online meetings have always proven to be satisfactory in supporting a client so that there are no geographic limitations.  Past and present customers include:
                                     * Milo’s Tea (Birmingham)
                                     * ExxonMobil (Houston)
                                     * Mahaffey Fabric Structures (Memphis)
                                     * Amicus Therapeutics (New Jersey)
                                     * (Minneapolis)
                                     * Snack Pro Vendors (Chicago)
                                     * Hyatt Hotels (St. Louis)
                                     * Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta
                                     * Oncotherapeautics (California)
                                     * Attorneys Insurance Mutual (Birmingham)


I am happy to discuss with you regarding approaches in managing your information.  


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* With a length of 190 miles, the Cahaba River
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