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                                   Database Analytics & Applications


                                Specializing in two Microsoft product solutions:

                                     * Power BI (Business Intelligence)

                                     * Application Development 

Since 2003 I have worked with organizations concerning managing & understanding their data through custom application development & reporting.  I will always advise new potential clients if their requirement is not suitable via the development tools that I use and suggest other technology alternatives.

Power BI - Dashboards:   This is a data mining / analytics / reporting solution that is both cloud based and Windows based.  It is a comprehensive solution that provides Reports/Graphs/Dashboards from a wide variety of independent data sources. 

 - Setting up dashboards for an organization involves a significant effort involving both the technical infrastructure as well as the data structure.  I have a couple documents that outline the range of issues & tasks in this type project that I am happy to send to anyone exploring this type solution.

Database Applications:   When there is a need to build a custom application one must decide between the trade offs in development time, features and costs for a solution developed for Windows, Web (browsers) or Mobile (phone app). 

 - In terms of features, in an apples-to-apples comparison, a Windows application remains the most cost effective path to a powerful business solution.  A comparable web or mobile application will be significantly more expensive to build and maintain.

 - The continuously increasing power of PCs allows them to provide a very cost effective multiuser application when the data volume is appropriate.  If the application is database centric, Microsoft Access can be used as the development environment (like Visual Studio) to build custom applications with a friendly, non-technical interface, where the users do not have to learn Access.


I am a Contributing Member at the Microsoft Power BI Community Forum, and as a Subject Matter Expert I was selected to perform the technical review of the textbook: Access 2010 Inside Out (Microsoft Press), you will find my name on the Acknowledgements page.

The difference between a PC Database and a Server Database is the volume of data, not the complexity.  Many of the front end Windows applications that I build, and the majority of Power BI applications, link to SQL Server, Azure SQL or MySQL.  I have very strong skills in database design & best practices, and languages: SQL, VBA and DAX

Customers  The importance and complexity of a database application demands a long term perspective and viewing the business relationship as teaming with an experienced, seasoned USA based developer that will be reliably available when needed.  Telephone and screen sharing via online meetings have always proven to be satisfactory in supporting a client so that there are no geographic limitations.  Past and present customers include:
                                     * Milo’s Tea (Birmingham)
                                     * ExxonMobil (Houston)
                                     * Mahaffey Fabric Structures (Memphis)
                                     * Amicus Therapeutics (New Jersey)
                                     * (Minneapolis)
                                     * Snack Pro Vendors (Chicago)
                                     * Hyatt Hotels (St. Louis)
                                     * Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta
                                     * Oncotherapeautics (California)
                                     * Attorneys Insurance Mutual (Birmingham)


I am happy to discuss with you regarding approaches in managing your information.  


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* With a length of 190 miles, the Cahaba River is the longest free-flowing river in Alabama.