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Since 2003 I have worked with organizations providing custom application development in the Windows development environment for PC/LAN based applications.  

Office Applications:   A Windows/PC/LAN application remains a very cost effective path to a software solution if a web or mobile app component is not necessary - and the user/data volume is appropriate.  A Windows application can be cloud enabled via Microsoft's Remote Desktop Server (RDS) deployment to meet the need of geographical separation among users.  

I develop applications using Microsoft Access as the development tool kit. These applications have no Access identity, there is no ribbon, users do not know Access, and no license is required in the runtime environment.  Access is mature and stable with a feature set that is generally suitable to office application requirements.  

If the organization is aligned to a back end database such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc. then Access is a front end where I design the front end User Interface.  I write all the queries needed for the application unless they are performed by the back end database.

While Access is generally known, like Excel, as a single user application, it has been providing a full multi user client-server solution since the early 80s.  The RDS deployment gives this technology relevance in allowing geographically separated users the ability to share the same application at significantly less development cost/time than a pure web application.

PowerBI: This Microsoft product provides graphing/visualization/dashboards and is a natural extension of a database.  The product is about 5 years old and is in a very rapid development phase with new releases monthly.  This is a very dynamic field currently and PowerBI competes with Tableau, Qlik, Splunk, and others.    

MongoDB: While the noSQL schema with its underlying Javascript / JSON language is very different than the SQL / Visual / VBA experience, the core principles remain valid.  I am a certified MongoDB DBA.  



As a Subject Matter Expert I was selected to perform the technical review of the textbook: Access 2010 Inside Out (Microsoft Press), you will find my name on the Acknowledgements page.  I have very strong skills in database design & best practices, and languages: SQL, VBA, Access, PowerBI, MongoDB. My focus is on large and complex database applications.

Customers:   I am a remote contractor and work with a client on a long term basis similar to a time-shared virtual employee.  Their development needs go up and down depending on where they are in their application's life.  Most clients are outside of the Birmingham metro area.  I will log on remotely to connect and develop just like a local employee.  

The importance and complexity of a database application demands a long term perspective and viewing the business relationship as teaming with an experienced, seasoned USA based developer that will be reliably available when needed.  Telephone and screen sharing via online meetings have always proven to be satisfactory in supporting a client so that there are no geographic limitations.  Past and present customers include:
                                     * ExxonMobil (Houston)
                                     * Mahaffey Fabric Structures (Memphis)
                                     * Amicus Therapeutics (New Jersey)
                                     * (Minneapolis)
                                     * Snack Pro Vendors (Chicago)
                                     * Hyatt Hotels (St. Louis)
                                     * Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta
                                     * Oncotherapeautics (California)


I am happy to discuss with you regarding approaches in managing your information.  


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* With a length of 190 miles, the Cahaba River is the longest free-flowing river in Alabama.